Cosmetology may appear to be a glamorous career but it requires lot of patience and hard work to become a top cosmetologist. The salon life isn’t easy for any professional; however, with the right attitude one can achieve enormous success.
The salon life is physically demanding as the job of salon professionals can be tough on their arms and legs. While working with clients every day, a cosmetologist puts a lot of strain on their legs and wrists. To avoid injuries every professional must maintain proper postures while working in salons.
Aaron Parnell, Posture Specialist had demonstrated the best ergonomics and body mechanics for stylists. He taught how to achieve better health, wellness and success through correct posture and healthy living.
It is very important for stylists to maintain proper posture as they are on their feet all day, using their arms and hands. Their posture can easily erode causing discomfort, pain and cause Repetitive Strain Injury like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Occupational Overuse Syndrome.
To completely enjoy the salon life, every salon professional must stay fit. It is only by staying fit that you can compete with other cutting edge stylists in this industry.
A stylist should always stay updated with the latest trends and hone their skills regularly. The Cutting Edge Hair Show is a good medium that keeps you in sync with the best trends & techniques from around the world.