Create the perfect Updo Hairstyles

Updo for long hair and hairstyles can be used for all kinds of events including formal, wedding, prom, party or holiday events.
Here’s a video tutorial showing how to do SIMPLE and EASY updos to help you give your clients the look they want for their special occasion!
In this cosmetology education video, Abdon Vargas shows you an Updo made with influential styling. With Influential Styling, the stylist looks to the past for inspiration and adds a modern twist or flair to today’s hair fashions.
Not only does influential styling allow you to AVOID 3 things that hairdressers RELY on and which consumers HATE, but it also gives you creative freedom when working with new styles.
Check out the video and learn how to create perfect updo hairstyles.

You must have noticed that the hairstylist shows us techniques which allow you to minimize the use of hair pins, hair spray and backcombing, thereby making the job of professional hairstylists easier.

Lady GaGa’s hairstyles are truly inspirational

Every time you see the Poker Face star, she simply amazes you with her extreme fashion and wonderful hairstyles.
After sporting Yellow hair at the beginning of the year, Lady GaGa changed her hairstyle in just two weeks. She was spotted at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a weird hairstyle. She never fails to make people’s eyes go wide with surprise.
Lady GaGa showed off a spray of hair atop her head, in the shape of a wide-brim sunhat. And it’s not just any kind of hat; it’s actually made of her signature platinum hair!
If you see her from a distance you’ll think she is sporting a wide-brim hat that tips on one side of her head. However, it was a very well executed celebrity hairstyle. It was styled like a spiky hat, with the portions evenly distributed around her head.
One can imagine how much hair gel and cream her stylist must have used for Lady GaGa’s hat hair. Kudos to her stylists for such an innovative celebrity hairstyle as it’s difficult to make hair stand out like that.
Lady GaGa’s hairstyles and her outfits have been pretty ridiculous at times. She was sporting a hairstyle that looked like a massive dome a few months ago. Professional hair shears were used to cut her hair then and give them an even look. However her hat hair look required more styling than hair cutting.
I think Lady GaGa’s hat hair is her most avant-garde headgear to date. She not only displayed a creative style but also gave a new meaning to hat hair. We’ve already seen her ditch those yellow locks in less than two weeks and can’t wait to see what the Paparazzi singer comes up with next!

7 Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is considered as a season of discomfort by many. The heat leaves you uncomfortable and often drains your energy leaving you looking tired. So, here are some easy summer hairstyle ideas to get inspired from.
If you are worried about how you’re going to tackle your hair this summer, don’t get stressed. You can easily change the way you feel by changing your hairstyle! Its that simple.
Check out these summer hairstyles and get inspired to try them.

Halle Berry’s Tousled Pixie

Hilary Duff’s Simple Twist

Kim Kardashian’s Headband and Bun

Salon Posture

Cosmetology may appear to be a glamorous career but it requires lot of patience and hard work to become a top cosmetologist. The salon life isn’t easy for any professional; however, with the right attitude one can achieve enormous success.
The salon life is physically demanding as the job of salon professionals can be tough on their arms and legs. While working with clients every day, a cosmetologist puts a lot of strain on their legs and wrists. To avoid injuries every professional must maintain proper postures while working in salons.
Aaron Parnell, Posture Specialist had demonstrated the best ergonomics and body mechanics for stylists. He taught how to achieve better health, wellness and success through correct posture and healthy living.
It is very important for stylists to maintain proper posture as they are on their feet all day, using their arms and hands. Their posture can easily erode causing discomfort, pain and cause Repetitive Strain Injury like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Occupational Overuse Syndrome.
To completely enjoy the salon life, every salon professional must stay fit. It is only by staying fit that you can compete with other cutting edge stylists in this industry.
A stylist should always stay updated with the latest trends and hone their skills regularly. The Cutting Edge Hair Show is a good medium that keeps you in sync with the best trends & techniques from around the world.

Scissorboy Haircutting Shears

Barber scissors are special hairdressing scissors that are specifically designed to cut hair. These hair shears are the primary tool for every barber/stylist and hence very important. Many stylists carry their personal pair of hair shears along with them.
There are some distinctive features which separate barber scissors from regular scissors. One of the most important feature of haircutting shears is their sharpness. A good pair of hair shears should be razor sharp and should have a fast, smooth, cut like butter feel! While using them, they should be comfortable and convenient to the hands of barber.
ScissorBoy scissors are drop forged and made from specially formulated premium Japanese Hitachi steel (Super Steel). This gives your barber scissors an edge that stay sharper and longer with consistent efficiency.
The importance of finger rest in haircutting scissors cannot be neglected. It is a small projection which protrudes from one of the loops of the scissors and is the most distinctive feature of barber scissors. All ScissorBoy hair shears have a permanent finger rest that will never fall out or need to be replaced.
Depending upon the requirement, stylists use several types of barbering scissors. These include Thinning Shears, Lefty Shears, Yoko Scissors, Kasho Scissors, etc. Each of these barber scissors serve a specific purpose and can be always seen in a stylist’s carry case.
Hair shears require regular maintenance and hence it is very important to buy barber scissors of good quality. ScissorBoy shears are designed to fit your hand comfortably and ergonomically. These shears are available in a full range of sizes and have been used by some of the leading stylists in the hair industry.
Take a look at various barber scissors from ScissorBoy by visiting ScissorBoy Store. Pick up any shear that suits your requirement and it will be delivered to you with a FREE BONUS in the form of a scissor case.

5 Ways To The Perfect Pedicure


One of the best ways to feel rejuvenated during the summer months is by getting a perfect pedicure. Without a doubt, it does wonders for both your body and spirit.

If you are feeling tired or have got sore toes and want to fix them up, you should definitely visit a salon to get a pedicure. Here are a few tips to get the perfect pedicure to help your feet look and feel their best.

Perfect Pedicure In 5 Easy Steps

1. First off, you need to prepare your feet for your pedicure. This means cleaning them and removing any old nail polish with a nail polish remover. Once you visit any salon, the nail technician or pedicurist will help you to get started with this.

2. Once your feet are clean and all the polish has been removed, pedicurist at your salon will clip your nails and round the sides a bit using a file. N.Y.C. manicurist Pattie Yankee advises that nails should be clipped in such a way that they’re slightly less than a quarter-inch long.

3. Now comes the time to wipe nails with cotton pads (soaked in alcohol) to ensure that your base binds well. After this, comes the part of applying a ridge-filling version and following it up by applying the first coat of color.

Make sure, you tell your pedicurist which shade you want to apply, or else you may have to repeat the whole process of getting the perfect pedicure.

4. After you’ve polished each foot, allow it to dry. If you’re in a hurry, you may use a blow-dryer and aim a soft stream of cool air over your toes, or you may apply a quick dry topcoat on every nail. Choice is yours, but don’t forget to tell this to your pedicurist.

5. Now simply soak your feet in a relaxing bath made of water and essential oils and perfumes. Your pedicurist will suggest you the best combination to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating pedicure.

TIP: While you have your feet in the pedicure bowl, you may want to tell your pedicurist to exfoliate your heels and balls of feet with the help of a pumice stone.

Bridesmaid’s Hairstyles

Weddings are a perfect occasion for bridesmaid to try out new fashionable clothes and experiment with bridesmaid hairstyles. Being the friends of the bride, they too want to look pretty!
However, finding a gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle is difficult. Hair being one of the important segments of personal grooming, bridesmaids have to first decide whether they are going to flaunt one common hairdo or each one of them is going to sport different celebrity hairstyles.
One important thing to remember while deciding your bridesmaid hairstyle is to choose a hairstyle that suits your face and goes well with the dress you’re going to wear.
If you’re struggling to find an elegant hairstyle for your friend’s wedding, here are some pictures of bridesmaid hairstyles sported by some of the hottest celebrities which should inspire you to change your look.