Updo for long hair and hairstyles can be used for all kinds of events including formal, wedding, prom, party or holiday events.
Here’s a video tutorial showing how to do SIMPLE and EASY updos to help you give your clients the look they want for their special occasion!
In this cosmetology education video, Abdon Vargas shows you an Updo made with influential styling. With Influential Styling, the stylist looks to the past for inspiration and adds a modern twist or flair to today’s hair fashions.
Not only does influential styling allow you to AVOID 3 things that hairdressers RELY on and which consumers HATE, but it also gives you creative freedom when working with new styles.
Check out the video and learn how to create perfect updo hairstyles.

You must have noticed that the hairstylist shows us techniques which allow you to minimize the use of hair pins, hair spray and backcombing, thereby making the job of professional hairstylists easier.