Every time you see the Poker Face star, she simply amazes you with her extreme fashion and wonderful hairstyles.
After sporting Yellow hair at the beginning of the year, Lady GaGa changed her hairstyle in just two weeks. She was spotted at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with a weird hairstyle. She never fails to make people’s eyes go wide with surprise.
Lady GaGa showed off a spray of hair atop her head, in the shape of a wide-brim sunhat. And it’s not just any kind of hat; it’s actually made of her signature platinum hair!
If you see her from a distance you’ll think she is sporting a wide-brim hat that tips on one side of her head. However, it was a very well executed celebrity hairstyle. It was styled like a spiky hat, with the portions evenly distributed around her head.
One can imagine how much hair gel and cream her stylist must have used for Lady GaGa’s hat hair. Kudos to her stylists for such an innovative celebrity hairstyle as it’s difficult to make hair stand out like that.
Lady GaGa’s hairstyles and her outfits have been pretty ridiculous at times. She was sporting a hairstyle that looked like a massive dome a few months ago. Professional hair shears were used to cut her hair then and give them an even look. However her hat hair look required more styling than hair cutting.
I think Lady GaGa’s hat hair is her most avant-garde headgear to date. She not only displayed a creative style but also gave a new meaning to hat hair. We’ve already seen her ditch those yellow locks in less than two weeks and can’t wait to see what the Paparazzi singer comes up with next!