Barber scissors are special hairdressing scissors that are specifically designed to cut hair. These hair shears are the primary tool for every barber/stylist and hence very important. Many stylists carry their personal pair of hair shears along with them.
There are some distinctive features which separate barber scissors from regular scissors. One of the most important feature of haircutting shears is their sharpness. A good pair of hair shears should be razor sharp and should have a fast, smooth, cut like butter feel! While using them, they should be comfortable and convenient to the hands of barber.
ScissorBoy scissors are drop forged and made from specially formulated premium Japanese Hitachi steel (Super Steel). This gives your barber scissors an edge that stay sharper and longer with consistent efficiency.
The importance of finger rest in haircutting scissors cannot be neglected. It is a small projection which protrudes from one of the loops of the scissors and is the most distinctive feature of barber scissors. All ScissorBoy hair shears have a permanent finger rest that will never fall out or need to be replaced.
Depending upon the requirement, stylists use several types of barbering scissors. These include Thinning Shears, Lefty Shears, Yoko Scissors, Kasho Scissors, etc. Each of these barber scissors serve a specific purpose and can be always seen in a stylist’s carry case.
Hair shears require regular maintenance and hence it is very important to buy barber scissors of good quality. ScissorBoy shears are designed to fit your hand comfortably and ergonomically. These shears are available in a full range of sizes and have been used by some of the leading stylists in the hair industry.
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